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With the absence of artificial light


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and Sanbona Wildlife Reserve is amongst the best. Few things in life are as pleasant as sitting around a campfire on a warm summer night and gazing skyward at the tapestry of stars overhead.


The cares of the day-to-day world can seem as distant as those flickering points of light. Our ancient ancestors came together around campfires at night after long, hard days of hunting, fishing and farming. After the evening meal, the elders would weave incredible tales and stories that told of fantastic creatures, evil villains, and damsels in distress. They would often use patterns among the stars to illustrate these myths.

Over the years, these stories were passed on from generation to generation, with many remaining popular even to this day. We can still look upon their star pictures, or constellations as they are now called, and recall some of their fantastic tales. Incentive White Lion Lodge caters for small, exclusive group incentives. Activities on the Reserve and in the vicinity are numerous and tailored specifically to each group's requirement.



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