White Lion Lodge on Sanbona Wildlife Reserve

A Karoo Wilderness Retreat on the Route 62, offering a unique nature and wildlife experience near Cape Town. The privately-owned White Lion Lodge is situated in the southern part of the Sanbona Wildlife Reserve. It offers luxury accommodation, exceptional personal service and delicious cuisine combined with nature based safari's through the Sanbona Wildlife Reserve.

"Von Anfang an umgibt dich die Magie"

Das Sanbona Wildlife Reserve erstreckt sich über 58000 ha in der malariafreien Klein Karoo entlang der Route 62 zwischen Montagu und Barrydale, etwas mehr als 3 Stunden von Kapstadt entfernt. Wir betreiben ein naturnahes Tourismusunternehmen und möchten unseren Gästen die Biodiversitäts-Hotspots Fynbos und Succulent Karoo Biome zusammen mit einheimischen frei lebenden Tierarten vorstellen, wie sie die San vor Hunderten von Jahren gesehen haben.

Willkommen in der White Lion Lodge im Sanbona Wildlife Reserve

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Summer Program

1 October to 30 April



On the day of arrival lunch is served between 13:00 - 14:00
Your suite will be ready and waiting for you at 14:00
The Afternoon Botanical 4x4 Tour through the South (30000 ha Concession) will start 15:00 - 16:00
Dinner will be served after your return from the afternoon drive


Winter Program

1 May to 30 September



13H00 - 14H00 A light lunch will be served

14H00 Your suite will be ready and waiting for you to settle in.

15H00 Embark on an afternoon botanical 4x4 tour through the enchanting landscapes of the southern part of the Reserve.


Game Drives /Safari Drives

Your safari within the Wildlife and Nature Reserve can be carried out at any time throughout the day where you will be guided by your own private knowledgeable field guide in an open game viewing vehicle, who will provide you with insightful information on the fauna and flora of the Klein Karoo.



Tribute to an iconic duo

The story of the renowned white lions of Sanbona has come full circle. All chapters have been finished, and this book is now sadly closed. In 2011 two wild white lion cubs were born to the then mixed pride of Sanbona. Through the years, they grew up and learned to survive in this harsh Little Karoo environment.

The lion and lioness (31 and 30) soon became an iconic duo on the reserve with their white coats and icy blue eyes. The male lion’s contributed to the lion metapopulation when one of the tawny females in the pride gave birth to two male cubs in 2015, who were then translocated to as reserve in Kwa-Zulu Natal.

Over the years the lions have been observed hunting various species from aardvark to giraffe, they were resilient lions who persisted through the drought and against many odds. Now, after 12 years they have lain down their heads on the Sanbona ground for the last time.

Old age, injuries from large prey encounters and finally the severe storm conditions that descended over Sanbona earlier this week has claimed both their lives within 5 days of one another. They will be remembered by many across the world for their beauty, their chilling blue stare, and their contribution to the Sanbona Lion Project.

They have paved the way to a new lion chapter on Sanbona.

Climate and Weather

The climate is semi-arid with rainfall mainly in the winter month. The Klein Karoo is traditionally hot and dry, with cooling south-westerly winds during the afternoons in summer, making it ideal conditions for a lovely sunset game drive. On average the nights cool down to 15C – 20C degrees in summer.

Very little rain occurs during summer, and if it does, it is usually in form of thunderstorms. Normally the area receives about 250mm-350mm of rain per year, mostly in the winter months.

The lowest rainfall (6mm) is in January and the highest (27mm) in August. The coolest months are July & August, when the mercury drops to -2 & -4 degrees Celsius on average during the night, but during the day the temperatures range between comfortable 15-20 degrees, ideal safari conditions.

What to bring

For your safari dress completely informal, natural colors are recommended.
A warm jacket, a fleece, scarf, beanie, gloves for early morning and night drives

Comfortable walking shoes
Swimming costume
Binoculars, camera
Hat, sunglasses
Suntan lotion

Please note that the White Lion Lodge is situated within a malaria free area.
If there is anything else you would like to know, don’t hesitate to contact us.